Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22 – At the February 3, 2022 meeting, the school board kept President’s Day as a student and staff holiday, but approved changing the March 4 workday to a regular school day to restore the schedule of ‘face-to-face learning despite January’s unusual weather closures.

Last November 4, the School Council approved the following changes to this year’s academic calendar. These changes are consistent with school divisions across the country.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Our Google Academic Calendar has now changed (you can subscribe to it!). A PDF of the revised calendar can be found here.

Global Impact Report 2020 By Globaluva

The changes are in line with efforts across the country to support teaching staff during a challenging year with extra work due to COVID protocols, shortages in areas such as substitute teachers and more. In addition to these calendar changes, we’re supporting staff by increasing pay to attract more substitute teachers, offering the flexibility to do more professional learning from home or remotely, and more.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

As always, I think I should say the most important thing first. I am eternally grateful that you show up every day to ensure the success of all our children. We work in an industry where people have choices, and you choose Charlottesville City Schools every day.

Now more than ever, school staff have more responsibilities when it comes to balancing the demands of your work and your family. I recently asked a group of educators what they would like to have more of, and each responded, “Time.”

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Effectiveness Of Adjuvant Occupational Therapy In Employees With Depression: Design Of A Randomized Controlled Trial

From being in the building as a teacher and classroom administrator, I can tell you that the longest stretch emotionally for teachers is after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. until spring break. Generally, during this period, there are no scheduled rest days and fatigue is common among many employees. In an effort to support our culture of care, I have made the following recommendations to the school board to give you extra time to plan for your students, time to spend with your family, and time to take care of yourself.

My hope is that making these changes now will allow our staff, families and community partners the opportunity to make adjustments, especially when it comes to child care. In addition, I hope our staff will find that the changes made to the calendar will give you more free time to focus on planning and self-care. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly by email or at the district office at (434) 245-2400. Finally, I would like to thank the School Board for accepting my recommendations, as they value your contributions to CCS equally! While #LeadWithLove is imperfect, things like the name, image and likeness are there to make NIL a lasting success. Seventeen percent of student-athletes at Division I schools participate in the NIL, with approximately 65% ​​of student-athletes interested in continuing in the future. Although only 35% of athletic administrators say they personally support NIL, D-I schools have developed good NIL policies and education. NOCAP, Opendorse and other markets abound. Governance is shaky but improving at the state level. And it wouldn’t be university athletics if we didn’t have very involved reinforcements: we have that covered with more than 70 groups.

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Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

What guarantees the success of NIL is the activation of the exceptional brand, the kind that professionals in the sports industry are used to. Why is it important to harness the power of student-athlete brand activation? Because brands are the engine of the sports industry. They provide money and visibility, far beyond what an athlete or property could generate on its own.

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While student-athletes may sell directly to consumers (through referrals, cameos, merchandise sales), they collectively account for less than 10% of NIL activities. In order for student-athletes to access the full range of opportunities, brands must participate. But regular sponsors are slow to sponsor and activate NIL contracts. My surveys of brand managers reveal three main reasons for this:

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

1) There are over half a million student athletes on the NIL market supply side (for some perspective, there are about 10,000 professional athletes in the US), so brands don’t have to act.

2) Sports sponsors are sophisticated, calculating and risk averse and want to see results from first year NIL deals.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Universities Focus On Athletes’ Mental Health After Crises

3) Experienced brands don’t sign athletes without an activation plan and have the unknown of what it’s like to activate college athletes.

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With a year of NIL behind us, we are now more confident than not. 3 can be addressed and begin to create successful activation plans that incorporate the limitations of student-athlete marketing while using the specifics.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Goal: The reach and impact the brand achieves through NIL is one of the strongest and most unique I have seen in my 25 years of marketing to youth/teens/young people. Student athletes provide the brand with:

Football: Four Scots Earn Academic All District Honors

■ Visibility with youth sports consumers (for many non-revenue sports, college athletes are heroes to youth athletes).

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

Online: Brands activate their student-athlete partnerships online, but there are a few things to understand: 1) Contrary to popular belief, not all student-athletes have a strong social media presence, as many coaches and administrators discourage student athletes actively. Active on social networks. 2) Brands shouldn’t assume their sponsored athlete will have the time (or skills) to develop social content. Brands should treat the college athlete like a professional athlete and create content, or at least a frame, for them.

Broadcast: Student-athletes have a very limited amount of time to shoot. Unlike a professional athlete, who can choose to be unavailable, student athletes’ time (and priorities) are beyond their control. During the season, they report spending 23 hours a week practicing (although the NCAA mandates a maximum of 20 hours). In addition, they spend more than 10 hours on volunteer team activities, therapy and travel. Add in classes, food, and sleep, and the result is less time for brand engagement. Filming must be in the off season and work around the academic calendar.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

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Retail activations like Brennan Armstrong’s combo meal deal with McDonald’s.getty images will be a growth area for NIL.

Retail: Aside from in-store displays and autograph sessions, we haven’t seen much retail activation yet, but that’s likely to change in 2022. UVA quarterback Brennan Armstrong recently signed a deal with McDonald’s in Charlottesville, Virginia, which includes the combo. A meal that bears his name.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

I believe retail activation will be the biggest growth area in 2022-23. I know several brands in the early stages of planning retail activations that include in-pack, point-of-purchase and more.

University Of Virginia School Of Law

Events: My surveys indicate that live event appearances currently account for only 7% of NIL activity. But brands shouldn’t underestimate the value of event activation. Student athletes want to do events (again, when it doesn’t conflict with their mandatory team activities and academic responsibilities) and consumers really want access to athletes. Michigan State and Auburn football players recently announced player-owned “clubs” that give players access to fans at private events.

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Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

We are now in year 2 of the era of name, image and comparison. The growth and development of this new ecosystem will be driven by brands and, to a large extent, by the activations that only brands can deliver.

Bill Carter is the founder of youth marketing agency Fuse and a 2001 SBJ Forty Under 40 honoree. In 2019, he launched Student-Athlete Insights and uses that data to engage with brands, agencies and properties about NIL. He teaches a class on name, image, and comparison at the University of Vermont’s business school.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

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It has been heralded as the most exciting two minutes in sports. Churchill Downs has been home to some of the most iconic moments in sports history. In today’s conversation, Casey Ramage, Vice President of Strategy at IEG and Vice President of Marketing, Brand and Partnerships at Churchill Downs, gives us insight into his analytical approach to sponsorship strategy.

Uva Academic Calendar 21 22

The SBJ I Factor presented by Allied Sports features an interview with Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins. Martins is a longtime sports executive who started with the Magic in 1989. He has served as general manager since 2011 and was instrumental in winning the Sports Business Award for Amway Center as Facility of the Year in 2012 . Martins talks to SBJ’s Abe Mudkore about emerging businesses from the communications side, what he’s learned from his time working with multiple teams, and why he looks for emotional intelligence when interviewing candidates for a job. The SBJ I Factor is a monthly podcast featuring interviews with sports executives who have received one of the magazine’s awards, including the Forty Under 40, Game Changers and Sports Business Awards.

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