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NEISD police officer, a civilian employee used district email to coordinate contact while the officer was on duty, records show The civilian employee’s father, Associate Superintendent Ron Clary, resigned after emails showed he was trying to help he managed to get another job at PD the day after he resigned.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Neisd Calendar 20 21

SAN ANTONIO – A police officer and a civilian employee were forced to resign from the Northeast Independent School District’s last police department after an investigation found they were using school district email accounts to set up late-night meetings. . .

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In addition, the employee’s father, NEISD Assistant Superintendent Ron Clary, resigned last week after district emails obtained by The Defenders showed him planning how to help his daughter. recruitment to another police department.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

NEISD Police Chief Wally McCampbell remains in office, but is the subject of an ongoing investigation into why he recommended Clary’s daughter, Jessica Clary, for the position three days after her resignation from the department began. A regional spokesperson told 12.

“Each superintendent has the right to decide whether or not to submit a letter of support to a former employee. But it’s safe to say that all aspects of this situation are currently being investigated,” said Aubrey Chancellor, NEISD Executive Director of Communications.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

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A spokeswoman said the district’s human services department began investigating Jessica Clary and Terrazas employee after Superintendent Sean Maika received an anonymous letter in September.

The letter alleges that an employee of the police department had a workplace relationship with the officer, Chancellor said.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

A subsequent investigation found more than 1,500 emails sent between Terrazas and Jessica Clary, who worked as a security consultant.

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Since school district email servers are maintained with taxpayer funds and operated by government agencies, they are subject to public records requests.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

A copy of the e-mails obtained by the defense shows two structured, often late-night and early-morning e-mails, on and off for more than a year.

During the exchange, Terrazas told Jessica Clary that he was waiting to hit her at about 10:40 p.m., to which she replied, “I’ll say come, but I don’t want you to get into trouble. “

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Neisd Calendar 20 21

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Terrazas replied, “Yes, I thought so,” Jessica Clary replied, “You can if you think you can get away with it.”

Records show the couple also began texting each other after midnight, Jessica Clary at one point writing, “If you can’t make it tonight, there will be another night and -work.”

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Jessica Clary replied that she could run and open the gate and that she could park the car next to her house.

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Jessica Clary wrote at 2:21 am: “Sure, there’s a hole in the side of my car to hide it.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Terrazas replied, “Across the street from Lee,” an obvious reference to Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School.

LEE High School and the house where Jessica Clary lived on the night in question are about seven miles from each other.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Neisd Police Chief Admonished After Job Recommendation For Staffer Who Resigned Amid Scandal

Jessica Clary was placed on administrative leave on Sept. 16, and submitted his resignation nine days later, writing in his separation email, “I think it is best for you to step away from the situation and resign.”

He did not respond to an interview request sent to a personal email address for inclusion in the local data release.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

The president announced in an interview this month that the two officials will be fired if they don’t quit.

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He said district officials did not find out whether Terrazas was employed by more than one organization because HR stopped the investigation after Terrazas and Jessica Clary resigned.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

The president said that the employee investigation continues after the employee leaves the district if it involves criminal charges, involves minors or students or has information that should be shared with state education officials.

“The district is not concerned about what happened during the personal interaction. What bothers us is that at least we have evidence that the officer should have been on duty and did not appear before the meeting. ,” said the president.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

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Terrazas, who has served as an NEISD police officer since early 2013, has not worked for another law enforcement agency since resigning last fall, state records show.

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The chancellor announced that the district granted Terraza a “General Exemption” from his permit application. This type of appointment makes it difficult for the employee to be employed elsewhere, since it means that he has resigned during an investigation or due to documented performance problems.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

“Which will be a clear red flag to future employers because he says he was fired during a disciplinary investigation,” said the president.

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A Southside ISD spokeswoman told Defenders Terrazas has been working for the district since December — checking vehicles as they enter the school grounds at one of its campuses — but it doesn’t appear to be a job. a job that requires a peace officer license.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Jessica Clary, on the other hand, received significant internal help in trying to find another job after resigning, records obtained by The Defenders show.

Just three days after his resignation took effect, McCampbell appointed the civilian supervisor of the San Antonio Police Department’s Child/Missing Persons Unit and recommended Jessica Clary for the position.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

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“He is reliable and self-motivated. He learned access control techniques very quickly and was honest. If given the opportunity, I think it would be a valuable asset to you and the Department,” McCampbell wrote in an Oct. 3 email to Michelle Willingham, sent from her local email account. The Defender obtained the email through a public records request.

When Willingham responded a few days later that Jessica Clary’s unemployment and children could prevent her application from moving forward, McCampbell forwarded the article to Ron Clary’s local email address.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Records show Chief Wally McCampbell gave Jessica Clary a job offer three days after she was terminated from North East ISD. ()

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Ron Clary on the same day responded and asked McCampbell via email if his daughter could say that she had frequent contact with minors as part of her past, records show.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Email records also show that Jessica Clary contacted Willingham directly and wrote, “Wally McCampbell let me know you have some questions on the resume.”

The same records show that Jessica Clary later updated her resume, and after Willingham confirmed she received the resume on October 9, Jessica Clary sent the change to her father’s work email address.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

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The president did not provide a timeline for when the human services review of McCampbell will be completed, but added that Superintendent Maika is being updated on any progress.

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The president confirmed that county officials, including Maika, were unaware of the Chief McCampbell-Ron Clary conversation about Jessica Clary’s SAPD application until The Defenders requested the records earlier this year.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

“This is not something that should have happened, even though Mr Clary is acting like a father looking out for his daughter. However, the email communication should not have happened,” the president said.

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Ron Clary’s online biography, which was removed from the district’s website, said he was responsible for operations involving the district’s police department.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

The president said district officials have been able to confirm that Ron Clary did not force or direct McCampbell in any way to submit a career recommendation on behalf of his daughter after her resignation.

Jessica Clary enrolled in the Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy in January and graduated in early July, according to a spokeswoman for the Alamo Area Council of Government.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

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“AARLEA does not hire or grant these applicants / cadets / graduates; AARLEA is a school that provides courses and training. After each graduate from AARLEA, to be a person who sees for law enforcement, the person must pass an exam approved by the Texas Law Enforcement Commission, become a Texas State Peace Officer, and be placed on a license within the state of Texas. These licenses will conduct their background check, work history and certification process. whatever else they think is necessary,” the spokesperson said via email.

Emmy Award-winning reporter Dillon Collier joined Investigative in September 2016. Dillon’s investigative reporting airs weekdays on the Night Beat and the 6 o’clock News. Dillon is a two-time Houston Press Club reporter and Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Reporter of the Year.

Neisd Calendar 20 21

Joshua Saunders is an Emmy Award-winning photographer/editor who has worked in the San Antonio market for the past 20 years. Joshua works in the Defenders division, covering crime and corruption throughout the city. December 2029 calendar – In most countries north of the equator, the closest day of the year is around this date. The December solstice (Winter Solstice) in London is at 21:48 on Wednesday 21 December 2022.

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