Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023 – News Faculty Member Kevin Attics, ’97 Appointed Maryland Secretary of Agriculture News Begins Search for Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs News President Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., Power 100 List News’ program of science statistics 5th find News to celebrate the first generation. college students Nationally recognized news for environmental sustainability Opening A community week and President Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D. University of Maryland Magazine News has elected four new trustees

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Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Its main campus is located in a neighborhood north of Baltimore called Evergreen. It covers 81 acres of trees and is a certified arboretum. Students can often be found on the porch of the Humanities building while studying, enjoying the lush Quad, joining one of the many social clubs, or cheering on our Patriot club League.

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We hope to see you on campus! We offer a variety of travel options, depending on your stage in the university journey. When planning your time with us, please take some time to explore Charm City as well. We want you to experience all that the beautiful city of Baltimore has to offer.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

We’ve compiled a list of recommended hotels that are convenient to campus and/or close to popular Baltimore attractions.

Baltimore is packed with amazing restaurants and activities to suit all tastes. Enjoy your trip!

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

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If you’re just starting to explore and can’t make it to campus in person, we recommend checking out the virtual tour and resources below to see what Greyhound is like.

For questions about admission or to request a waiver, please contact Maura Brennan, director of admissions programs, at 410-617-2549 or [email protected] Accommodation requirements must be notified 96 hours in advance.

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Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Our team is here to help you take the next step in your journey. Call us today! Loyola University is a Roman Catholic, private Jesuit university within the Archdiocese of Baltimore in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. (Loyola University Maryland)

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The morning before the annual prom for seniors at Loyola University Maryland, student leaders apologized for this year’s theme: “Party in the USA.”

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

“As an organization, we would like to express our deep regret to those who have been hurt by this topic and the negative impact it has had on them,” the student government association wrote in an email to Class of 2017. “Although we did not intend to create a separate structure, we know that this decision has more consequences than we originally thought.”

Some students were shocked that the patriotic party was considered “a splinter,” and an official told student leaders to reconsider the party after the presidential election.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Loyola Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Earns No. 6 Seed, Draws Mount St. Mary’s In Ncaa First Round

Emily Burke, executive director and president of the Loyola Republicans, said she was disappointed: “I’m saddened to know that this is the reason the school is raising – they feel they need to apologize in some way to be proud to be an American. . . The theme was meant to be inclusive, and it was.”

It’s another sign that universities are restless places after the presidential campaign and the election of Donald Trump. Emotions have been trampled in many schools in the days since the election. Anti-Trump protests have sprung up on several campuses.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

There have been acts of violence against minority students at many colleges, the shouting of abuse, the killing of Muslim students, the posting of white supremacist flyers, the telling of people to “go back to Mexico”. .

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The Black University of Pennsylvania freshman added a pro-Trump social media account with racial slurs and a “daily lynching” calendar.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Some students at Loyola University Maryland said the campus was quiet. Bradley Schober, leader of the Loyola Republicans, said the small private Catholic school was closely involved. He said members of his group are friends with the Loyola Maryland Democrats and will continue to hang out.

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The seniors chose the theme of “Party in the USA”, the title of a pop song, and planned to wear patriotic clothing and celebrate America for the top 200 years, showing the number of day of graduation. . In one photo from last year’s party, students wearing American flag T-shirts and bows smile in front of the Statue of Liberty, while someone dressed in Colonial dress with close friends.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

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The student body president and several other members of the student government did not respond to requests for comment. Some referred questions to a university spokesperson.

The Daily Caller reported that a senior administrator emailed student leaders that the idea sounded divisive, divisive and dangerous, and some said it could give students the opportunity to dress or act in an oppressive manner. .

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

University spokesman Nicholas Alexopoulos said the officials would not be available for comment and declined to provide outbound emails to students. In a written statement, “The theme of ‘Party in the USA’ encourages students to dress up in ways that celebrate America. Loyola University Maryland supports and seeks events like this to celebrate Students are proud of Loyola and our nation.

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“Prior to the event, Loyola leadership contacted the Loyola Student Government Association (SGA) after some students and faculty expressed concern that the costumes would be offensive — especially disturbing. at a time when many people are worried.” Loyola’s vice president and vice president of student development contacted SGA to advise SGA to reconsider the timing of the Veterans 200s theme, and if they choose to keep the theme, consider a plan make sure everyone is welcome. “SGA has decided itself to join the senior class to confirm the concerns of some of their classmates and ask all members of the class to pledge respect to one another, when communicating space and other Loyola resources. in school he was a Jesuit. arrived, installed and supported. We continue to work as a university to ensure that the views of all students are respected and heard, and we hope that students will continue to find ways to engage in meaningful conversations about addressing the pressing issues of our time. “

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Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

The student administration’s email to the campus community read: “There are those who see the theme of ‘Party in the USA’ as a way for us to come together and celebrate things. all that America has to offer.

The email confirmed the group and closed the party, and encouraged students to “come together like you” with or without clothes, supporting school values, and with respect to all.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Planner And Services Handbook By Mark Lee

The board of Loyola Maryland Democrats said the group will not comment on the Senior 200s because they have no role in choosing the theme and have not consulted with the administration or student government to change it.

“As a political group on campus, we are very aware of the great mix of emotions that have arisen after the presidential election, on our campus and in our country. Now that the Arguably, our organization is inclusive of students from all backgrounds and perspectives, race, religion, gender, sexuality and socioeconomic status. We believe in preserving and developing values. of Loyola focuses on the common good of all people despite our differences. We continue to support public and bipartisan dialogue and welcome invitations to speak.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

On social media, Loyola Republicans demanded equal treatment from administration and teachers: “Professors cannot be allowed to attack students for their political views and describe them as intellectuals and haters. .” They wrote that they understand and support political opposition in this political context. “However, we cannot support or deny the statements about our nation. Calling a chosen subject of the past of “America”​​​​”accept, separate, and evil” against the founding principles of our nation.

Loyola University Maryland Launches Center For Innovation And Entrepreneurship

The students weren’t given the benefit of the doubt, they wrote, and “the administration refused an opportunity.

Loyola University Maryland Calendar 2023

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