Lego August 2023 Calendar

Lego August 2023 Calendar – Today we continue the game with the LEGO 40199 Billund Airport replica set, which is only available in the LEGO Store, which is located in the departure area of ​​the LEGOville airport in Dmark. I had the opportunity to take a copy from my last trip to LEGOland, so I’m sharing it with you.

Confirm your participation and try adding this unique set of architecture to your collection for less, simply by logging in through the interface below and following the instructions provided. As usual, it’s all about finding the information in the official online store and getting the right answer. In the participation phase d, the winner is chosen by lottery among the correct answers. Participation is free and without commitment to purchase.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

Lego August 2023 Calendar

Your contact information (name/alias, email address, IP) will only be used in the context of this competition and will not be stored outside of the winner’s draw. As usual, this non-binding competition is open to all residents of mainland France, DOM & TOM, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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I have given away the set for now, I will send it to the winner as soon as their contact information is confirmed by return email.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

As always, I reserve the right to ban any entrant who has attempted to cheat or hijack the trial system in order to improve their chances of winning. By abstaining from hostile and evil losers, others have a better chance of winning.

No entry by message, I’ll leave the form as long as contestants who can’t read aren’t there yet. We are closing

Lego August 2023 Calendar

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FYI: The winner’s name/nickname will be displayed on the entry interface when the draw ends. I’ll also notify winners via email, but be sure to check back anyway.

Today we’re giving a brief introduction to the LEGO Star Wars 75347 Tie Bomber set, a 625-piece box that will be available for a general price of €64.99 starting January 1, 2023. We’re not going to lie to each other at the other, it’s nice to see this ship back in ev territory, if the series isn’t too ambitious with the TIE Bomber, which measures a modest 20cm wide and 15cm tall. However, the Estial is there with a very acceptable finish, which logically puts the black and blue version of 2003 back in the prototype category as a bit sloppy and too flimsy.

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Lego August 2023 Calendar

Good news to mention right away: This box has no stickers, so all the stamped items shown in the pictures are stamped. This TIE bomber holds up better to the long bombing sessions of Mandalore as well as the years in the corner of the shelf, that’s remarkable.

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There is something very satisfying about a two-wing configuration. These wings are perfectly fitted and oriented once in place, the rest of the process just reinforces the core structure on top of each other.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

At various levels. The boat is also impeccably strong, thanks to the maximum rigidity central structure and wings connected by three pins. During the processing, nothing comes off, except of course the four yellow-headed missiles of the plane, which must be pushed into space.

From the hatch on top of the ship to dislodge them and drop them on their target. Simple but effective.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

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Placed between the pieces are well integrated and slightly forgotten while contributing to the overall finish. This is not always true depending on the products in question, and you don’t need to remove them to make it a simple screen model. LEGO also offers to build a small ammo cart with two extra missiles, a way to provide spare parts for youngsters who have lost two of the four replicas on board without seeming too disdainful.

Do not try to guess the presence of the pilot at the controls of the ship through the cockpit canopy, the latter is only decorative and is connected to a black background. The same observation on the other side of the ship a

Lego August 2023 Calendar

Compaction that simply hides the internal structure and provides only a suggested opening. Maybe a bit of support was missing to be able to reveal this ship properly between two play sessions, it just took a few Technic beams and it was all within the asking €65 without the manufacturer’s margin. As such, the Tie Bomber rests on its wings.

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As for the three minifigures included in this box, you’re dealing with a mix of new items and fairly common pieces from the LEGO catalog. Darth Vader fits here with a fairly successful new face, but plans to reuse the body and legs in several series starting in 2020. The TIE Bomber pilot is new and well made, collectors should find their there and Rae Sloane (this character) in some novels, comics and video games.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

The Gonk Droid isn’t too exciting, but at least it has the merit of using a case with Imperial patterns already in several series since 2020.

Which would allow a more detailed and successful tribute to him. This mini version does its job for the most part while waiting for better, just wait a bit so you don’t have to waste the €65 that LEGO is asking for and have the chance to pay for this luxury Microfighter a little cheaper at another place

Lego August 2023 Calendar

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Note: LEGO supplied sets shown here are included as usual. The deadline is December 27, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Participate by simply posting a comment below the article. Your participation will be taken into account regardless of your opinion.

The December 2022 issue of the Official LEGO Batman Magazine is on newsstands now and lets you get a very generic Batman minifigure with his Jet Boat.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

In the pages of this issue we find a product that will arrive with the March 17, 2023 magazine, it is a Batcycle with “biting tires” that can accommodate a minifigure that is not included. Nothing crazy, especially for €6.99.

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For those interested, I remind you that the instructions for the different minimums that are provided with the magazines published by Blue Ocean are available in PDF format on the publisher’s website. Just enter the code on the back of the bag to get the file, 212224 Jet Boat Assembly Instructions, that comes with this issue.

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Lego August 2023 Calendar

Today we take a look at the LEGO Star Wars 40615 Tusk Raider set, a 152-piece box that will be available from January 1, 2023 for a retail price of €9.99. I’m not painting a picture for you, it’s about assembling a figure in BrickHeadz form, but the topic covered makes it a bit difficult to convert the figure and the designer has done his best to find something acceptable. I think he can cope pretty well knowing that the Tusk Raiders wear a mask made of bandages and embossing around the eyes and mouth.

The interpretation that LEGO offers us combines the main characteristics of these creatures and if these different characteristics are symbolic or a little cartoonish, the goal is achieved and we recognize the sand nomad at first sight. The face looks in proportion to me and the recipe stays the same under the robe and mask with red guts and pink brain. There are no stickers in this box, so the elements that make up the belt with the pockets are stamped.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

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Those who want to collect several copies to form a small tribe to display on the shelf can change some parts to vary the colors of the robes or masks to create unique characters. This Tusk Raider comes with a buildable Gaderffii staff and rifle, both accessories can be attached to the figure’s arm or back, although this is an option if building multiple figures.

All in all, this BrickHeadz figure doesn’t hurt in my opinion, the shape limitations didn’t detract from the compelling look of this Tusk Raider and it’s far from the worst in the collection. The regulars of this selection will find here something that can slightly vary the pleasures, the faces of which are very different from the classic humanoid creatures, it is always necessary when you have already built several dozen characters on the same principle.

Lego August 2023 Calendar

You still have to be a fan of this range to forgive the small tweaks that allow this Tusk Raider to stay in the clutch and accept €10

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