Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar – We are excited to welcome our community to campus this fall, and we look forward to your arrival in a few short weeks. With the latest updates to CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19, this communication is intended to provide updated and important information for your return. Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Center or our office with any questions or concerns.

The University continues to encourage all faculty, staff and students to be up-to-date on their Covid-19 vaccinations. Visit the CDC website for more information.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

In accordance with CDC guidance from 8/11/22, she will not test asymptomatic incoming students. The University also does not require unvaccinated, asymptomatic, and unexposed students to test before arriving on campus or on a weekly basis.

Fall Varsity Sports Season Update

If you have symptoms, please do not come to campus. Please contact the Student Health Center to discuss next steps and the Office of Residential Life at studentmove@ to make alternative moving arrangements.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

Students who test positive for Covid-19 should notify the Student Health Center at 203-254-4000, ext. 2241. A nurse will review the university’s isolation protocol. A Contact Tracer nurse will interview students who have tested positive to identify close contacts.

According to the latest CDC guidelines, regardless of vaccination status, all people who test positive for Covid-19 will still need to self-isolate away from others for five full days. After the five-day isolation period, re-entering the university community is permitted if certain criteria are met, including wearing a mask for an additional five days. Students in isolation must receive permission from the Student Health Center nurse to return to the campus community. Students should plan to isolate themselves at home or in a private place.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

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All students, regardless of vaccination status, who are exposed to Covid-19 must wear a mask for ten days after the last exposure, monitor for symptoms and be tested on day 5 after the last exposure. Pursuant to CDC guidance dated 8/11/22, the University’s requirement for exposed unvaccinated students to quarantine away from others for 5 days has been removed.

Students identified through contact tracing will receive an email from the nurse stating that they should wear a mask for ten days after their last exposure, monitor for symptoms and test on day 5 after their last exposure. The University will provide an at-home test for exposed students, if necessary. Students who develop symptoms should go to the health center to be tested.

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Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

There is no formal distance learning option for isolated students. However, faculty will work directly with students who are unable to attend classes due to Covid-19. Students should contact each of their professors regarding missed assignments and assignments. Faculty will also be notified via our Faculty Covid-19 notification process if a student is absent for medical reasons.

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Students should always practice good hygiene, which includes frequent hand washing, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing and staying home when sick. Students should practice help-seeking behavior when they feel sick by visiting the Student Health Center or a private health care provider.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

For more information about the University Health Clinic or for additional questions regarding medical or counseling services, please visit the Health and Wellness page.

As Dr. Nemek said last week, we have had great success over the past two years in balancing the challenges of Covid-19 while maintaining academic continuity and community vitality. To that end, we have carefully monitored our data, responded to state and local guidelines, and adapted mitigation strategies to reduce transmission In our community, we continue to evolve and are therefore changing the following mitigation strategies as of February 28:

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

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As always, it is important to recognize that we continue to live in an ever-changing environment, and updates to mitigation strategies may be necessary. We will provide updated notices as needed.

I hope you had a great start to the spring semester. As we continue to promote and support a healthy community this semester, the University has some key reminders about upcoming Covid-19 follow-up testing and vaccination clinics.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

As a follow-up to last week’s email, we are providing more information and clarifying some points to help you get back on campus next week. We look forward to students returning to campus for the upcoming spring semester.

Fairfield University Academic Calendar 2022/2023

The university will receive results of PCR or rapid antigen tests, including home tests. If you arrive on campus on Monday, Friday is the earliest you can take the test.

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Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

2. Moving in: Students must register to return to campus on Monday, January 17th between 9am. – 18:00 Sign up for a moving class here.

3. All students, regardless of vaccination status, must also participate in a re-occupation test on campus during the first week of studies.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

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The University remains committed to the health and safety of the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please stay tuned for all communications as this continues to be a fluid environment. I look forward to seeing you soon.

I hope everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. As we prepare to welcome our students back to campus for the spring semester, a safe return to campus life is our top priority. To keep our community safe, the University is implementing the following necessary measures that we believe will help reduce the risk of academic disruption and ensure a rewarding spring semester.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

It is important to recognize that we continue to live in an environment that is constantly changing due to the pandemic. The University will provide an updated communication on January 11, which will include additional information regarding Covid-19 protocols and expectations. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to comply as we prepare for the spring semester.

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As we have done since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to closely monitor the data from our testing program in conjunction with that of the surrounding community. Over the course of almost two years, we have managed our operations to maintain academic continuity and a solid student experience. As we are in the final days of the semester and to ensure our community’s ability to have a healthy and safe holiday with family and friends, we have made the decision to implement several mitigation strategies to respond to the recent increase in cases, both on campus and in the community. While the recent increase in the number of cases is not a cause for concern, it deserves our attention to ensure that all students are able to complete their final course requirements and get home safely.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

Later in the semester the campus will not be closed, but during this period all non-essential meetings and functions on campus will be canceled or postponed. We encourage employees who are able to work remotely. Students who have completed their individual exams and are able to return home should do so. All exams scheduled for Friday, December 17 will take place as planned. However, we will be moving final assessments for our students to online or alternative formats where possible starting December 18th. Students will be contacted by their professors regarding the specifics and details of their exams. Faculty, staff, and students should follow announcements from the Provost, Vice President for Human Resources, and Vice President for Student Life.

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We take these steps out of an abundance of caution. We have been successful to date as a university in navigating these complex waters, and by making this adjustment now, we can better serve the health and well-being of both our students and the community as a whole. We will continue to closely monitor public health guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines, and look forward to returning to in-person instruction and resuming activities on campus for the spring semester.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

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The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff continues to be of the utmost importance as we navigate these unique circumstances, and I wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas, a happy holiday season and a happy new year.

I can’t believe “summer” is over! Many of our fall athletes have been on campus for several weeks. This week, R.A. They will arrive and begin preparing our housing stock for the move. I suspect that most students look forward to the start of the academic year with a mixture of excitement, optimism and fear for the upcoming semester.

Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

Over the past 18 months, we have all been asked to make permanent changes and adapt our daily routines as a result of Covid-19. We admit it was not easy. The University is committed to an ongoing assessment of how Covid-19 is impacting our campus community, city, state and country and will adjust accordingly as the semester progresses in a manner that preserves the health of our students and staff. It is too early to say exactly what these adjustments are. I assure you that any decision made will be communicated to you accordingly.

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Fairfield University 2023 Calendar

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