Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23 – Dallas ISD seeks to add 23 days of instruction at alternative schools as COVID-19 pandemic causes learning losses

The plan to adopt three academic calendars will take effect for the 21-’22 and ’22-’23 school years, the district said.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

Dallas – While you can’t make up for lost time, the Dallas Independent School District hopes that by adding optional instructional time, you can make up for learning losses exacerbated by COVID-19.

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On Thursday, district administration submitted its plan to the school board for approval of three school calendars for the next two school years.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

Two of these calendars will add 23 days of study, pushing the start of school back to early August, with an end date of late June.

Derek Little is the senior assistant principal for Dallas ISD. You’ve seen data on learning loss. From pre-COVID 2020 spring through fall, 30 percent of Dallas ISD students lost progress in reading and over half in math.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

School Calendar / 2022 2023 School Calendar

A longer calendar, called “intersessional” weeks, will be added to the four weeks, giving students the opportunity to study more individually with teachers.

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The proposed intersession calendar would begin a week earlier on August 9 and run through June 23, 2022.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

Small said most schools would remain on the traditional calendar, but the proposed intersession calendar would reach one-third of students by eighth grade.

Disd Student Calendar / 2022 2023 Disd Student Calendar

Dallas ISD says it is ready to invest $100 million in an alternative school calendar model to help provide additional resources to students by compensating teachers at the daily rate if they choose to enroll in the system.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

On Thursday, council members expressed support for the proposal, but concern about the proposed timing of approving the calendars at the next council meeting on Jan. 28.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa suggested the administration might wait a little while before asking the board to approve school calendars, but cautioned against a long-term imbalance.

Dallas Isd Calendar 22 23

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“We know this is a difficult decision, but what’s the point of this decision? If we don’t do anything because we’re being pushed back?” Hinojosa said.

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