2023 March Calendar Odia

2023 March Calendar Odia – Kohinoor Odia Calendar 2023 is a popular calendar and sankhipta panjika followed by most parts of Odisha. This calendar and panjik was created by Pandit Sri Krushna Prasad Khadiratna. This calendar has been used in the Jagannath temple for the last 86 years.

Like the Gregorian calendar, the Odia calendar has twelve months and they are – (1) Baisakha (2) Jyestha (3) Ashadha (4) Srabana (5) Bhadraba (6) Asvina (7) Kartika (8) Margasira (9) Pausha (10) Magha (11) Phalguna (12) Chaitra.

2023 March Calendar Odia

2023 March Calendar Odia

People of Odisha generally use Odia calendar for daily Panchang, auspicious days. There are always Oriya festivals and other trivia during the Mini Panjika. Oriya calendar helps to match all Hindu festival dates with Odia festivals in Odisha of the past. in 2023 The Odia calendar may be a traditional method of measuring time, which differs in that it emphasizes the lunar cycle or the solar cycle, hence the name of the months. compared to other lunar calendars when alternate years begin. in 2023 In the Odia calendar, the year begins with summer (Pana Sankranti). The Odia calendar is hereinafter referred to as 2023. Odia Panchang. Most of the holidays in the calendar are calculated and supported by the positions of the moon and the sun.

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